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  • Scan or tap the TruStrain SmartGlyph to instantly receive exclusive video content from your favorite cannabis brands and authenticate your product as genuine and not a counterfeit.


  • View the digital timeline of your cannabis to learn the exact date and time your cannabis was planted, harvested, and delivered to your local shop.


  • Scan or tap the TruStrain SmartGlyph to view the product’s lab report and confirm its composition and potency, and verify its contaminant-free.
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  • TruStrain and our brand partners believe in providing consumers with the highest quality, most transparent products on the market. We believe that educating consumers and budtenders on the different strains and products coming on-line will only advance the industry as a whole.


  • The TruStrain platform helps to eliminate counterfeits, protect brand goodwill, and educate consumers and budtenders.

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