A Story Behind Every Strain

The TruStrain Mission

Our mission is to provide brands with a platform to directly engage and interact with their cannabis consumers, through unique, product-specific solutions rather than generalized video content on social media apps. The brands and strains that built this industry in the shadows for decades deserve to have their voices heard in an overcrowded, over-commercialized, over-regulated marketplace. We believe those brands should be rewarded for the blood, sweat and tears that went into developing superior genetics without fear of counterfeit products tainting their brand goodwill. These true cannabis brands have remarkable stories to tell to their current and future loyal customer base. It’s our mission to help deliver those stories.

What Can TruStrain Do for Cannabis Brands?

With the TruStrain B2B platform, cannabis cultivators and processors can run compliant Seed-to-Sale Tracking Software to:

  • Track yield and performance through the life cycle of the plant, including the date and time it arrived at the facility, was planted in the nursery, harvested, weighted, and packaged into retail units, and shipped and received by the retail shop or distributor;
  • Eliminate counterfeit cannabis by delivering provenance tracking so cannabis companies and consumers know where the product’s been, where it is and where I should be;
  • Eliminate employee errors and theft through TruStrain’s secure order processing functionality; Educate consumers on the safety and efficacy of their products by delivering the digital lab report and product profile;
  • Engage consumers through a dedicated, secure channel to deliver video marketing campaigns, lab reports, provenance tracking, and brand analytics; and
  • Build brand loyalty through trackable, customizable, sales-based rewards programs.

What can TruStrain Do For Retail Cannabis Shops?

With the Trustrain B2B mobile solutions, retail shops can:

  • Maintain compliance by tracking all product receivables and retail sales;
  • Drive foot traffic and customer loyalty through: A geo-based dispensary locator and user-friendly, interactive menu board; and
  • Coordinated marketing campaigns and events where consumers can earn products, trips and contests, by purchasing select products at participating shops.

What Can TruStrain Do For Consumers?

With the TruStrain consumer app, consumers can:

  • Locate and take a virtual tour of shops in their area;
  • Look for special offers and deals for their favorite brands;
  • Verify the authenticity of their favorite products;
  • Earn Loyalty points they can redeem for products and merchandise from our TruPartner brands; and
  • Watch cannabis commercials and learn more about their favorite products.

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